8 Millennials Who Are Totally WOKE Thanks To Native Advertising

  1. "I learned about Amnesty International because of a Buzzfeed quiz called 'Which Military Dictatorship Is Your Spirit Animal?'"
    Tyson - 28
  2. "Miracle Whip is right: I SHOULD be mad about the murder of Harambe."
    Brooklyn - 29
  3. "I now know that poverty is bad, thanks to Capitol One credit cards."
    Doug - 27
  4. "If it weren't for the good people at Campbell's Soup, I wouldn't know that Syrian refugees are denied the most basic human rights, like lack of access to Chunky Beef 'N Broccoli soup."
    Gilbert - 26
  5. "Thanks to 'Sausage Party - In Theaters August 12th,' I know what a food desert is."
    Kembra - 20
  6. "Did you know that every coconut water besides Harmless Harvest is poisonous garbage piss? You do now. Thanks Huffington Post."
    Marco - 27
  7. "Warby Parker buys new eyes for an orphan for every pair of sunglasses you purchase, according to Upworthy."
    Tanya - 24
  8. "You don't know the TRUTH about 9/11 until it's been described to you on the History Channel's Snapchat Story."
    Rachel - 21