8 Minor Harry Potter Characters Your Mother and I Are Very Disappointed You Forgot About

  1. Lavender Brown
    I don't know why I buy you all these nice things if you're not going to remember Lavender's crush on Ron.
  2. Padma Patil
    If you don't remember this Ravenclaw, then you don't deserve to go out with your friends to the roller rink on Friday night.
  3. Colin Creevey
    Your mother LOVED his antics in "Chamber of Secrets." And now she's crying because you can't remember him taking a picture of the basilisk.
  4. Millicent Bulstrode
    She's the girl Hermione steals hair from to make Polyjuice Potion. Honestly, I don't even know why I'm bothering to explain this to you.
  5. Pansy Parkinson
    She was Malfoy's girlfriend! If you really knew that, then why did you JUST tell me he was dating "Heather?" That's not even a magical name!
  6. Filius Flitwick
    Knock knock. Who's there? Just the CHARMS TEACHER. It's like you never even BOTHERED to take anything away from such an important book series.
  7. Bartemius Crouch
    He was disappointed in HIS child, too.
  8. Oliver Wood
    Your mother and I only do this because we want a better life for you. Someone on this family has to succeed, and it sure as shit isn't going to be your brother Jethro. This is important information that can help you in life. So just remember that Oliver was the captain of the quidditch team when Harry was a first year, and even though we're disappointed, your mother and I still love you.