A Fantasy Football Team

Finally, something that combines my love of Fantasy Football with my repressed memories of being a lonely teenage nerd
  1. Captain America - Quarterback
    Due can throw, and has awesome situational awareness. Capable of breaking a tackle, plus you know he's going to run in a few TDs. Only downside is that the NFL might Dick him games for use of "Super-Soldier Serum."
  2. Juggernaut - Running Back 1
    Dude's a MACHINE when he gets up to full speed. He needs a couple of steps first, though, so a good O-Line is a must
  3. Grey Worm - Running Back 2
    Dude is in peak physical condition, plus he's slender enough to exploit gaps. Definitely a catching back and a boom in PPR leagues. The Unsullied version of Darren Sproles
  4. Black Widow - Wide Receiver 1
    She's an international superset, and is in better shape than any player currently in the NFL. She can break coverage, and is a total deep threat
  5. Legolas - Wide Receiver 2
    Amazing speed with heightened senses. The elvish Julian Edelman. Totally a slot receiver
  6. Falcon - Wide Receiver 3
    Odell Beckham athleticism with Calvin Johnson speed. Good luck keeping him out of the end zone
  7. The Terminator - Tight End
    Not that fast, but relentlessly tough. Hell, most real tight ends are 60% metal anyway
  8. Chun Li - Kicker
    With legs that strong, you know her kicks are going to be right on the money
  9. The Unsullied - Defense
    Those dudes have it all: they can block the run, keep up with receivers, and there's nothing more terrifying to an opposing QB than an army of fearless eunuchs gunning for his head. Plus, with how well disciplined they are, they're going to be a DREAM off the field