Adorable Kittens Currently Being Tried for War Crimes at the Hague

Ain't they adorable and bloodthirsty?
  1. Whiskers
    Whiskers was a top lieutenant to Mohamed Farrah Aidid, despot president of Somalia. Taking part in Operation Gothic Serpent, Whiskers personally shot down both Blackhawks.
  2. Buttons
    Kim Jong Un's top enforcer, Buttons was nabbed by Interpol on a ski trip to Switzerland
  3. Mr. Squiggles
    Mr. Squiggles, aka Pol Pot, was the bloodthirsty ruler of the Khmer Rouge. He's been awaiting trial since 1980
  4. Jennyanybuttons
    Jennyanybuttons is the cousin of Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko. She stands accused of orchestrating a famine to starve out his political opponents
  5. Tigger
    Before Joseph Kony, Tigger led the Lord's Resistance Army in a bloody insurgent campaign in Central Africa
  6. Milos Vlahovic
    Milos has been hunted by world authorities since his involvement in massacres of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo
  7. Dottie
    Dottie was captured by Simon Wiesenthal himself after escaping to America under America's Operation Paperclip
  8. Barnabus
    Barnabus is awaiting trial by the government of Guatemala for his role in the ethnic cleansing of ethnic Mayans during the country's bloody civil war
  9. Garth
    Garth was the world's top recruiter for ISIS before being arrested by Belgian police in 2014
  10. Pudding
    Pudding is a bad kitty. A very bad kitty