1. Marco Rubio
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    Marco Rubio is really three Miami-area schoolchildren in an overcoat.
  2. Margot Robbie
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    Margot Robbie's real accent is the one she used in Wolf of Wall Street. She pretends to be Australian because it's classy.
  3. Tom Brady
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    Once a year, Tom Brady wears an entire Juicy Couture tracksuit for 24 hours. He calls it his "Fancy Day."
  4. Adam Sandler
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    Adam Sandler has been dead since 2004. His body is being used in an elaborate, "Weekend at Bernie's"-style ploy to create more Happy Madison movies
  5. Sandra Oh
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    Prior to filming Sideways, Sandra Oh had never heard of wine. To this day, she refers to it as "Sideways Drink."