Assumptions I Have About Celebrities, Part 4

Sibling edition
  1. Pablo and Liev Schieber
    Every year, Pablo and Liev spend Halloween dressed in a two-person horse costume. The head is whoever has more Emmy nominations that year
  2. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
    Mary-Kate is aging normally, but Ashley is Benjamin-Buttoning in the other direction. They were able to play the same character on full house due to their similar frailty and small stature at the beginning/end of their lives
  3. George W. and Philly Phanatic Bush
    Unlike his brother, the Philly Phanatic deeply regrets the decision to invade Iraq
  4. Kate and Rooney Mara
    The Mara girls speak in unison, in the same cadence, no matter where in the world they are. It gets weird in press tours
  5. Peyton and Eli Manning
    Peyton and Eli look just like their father Archie, who is a sentient human thumb