Assumptions I Have About Celebrities, Part 6

  1. Rihanna
    Rihanna wants all of you to know that you're pronouncing her name wrong. It's not "Ri-Anna" or "Ri-Ahna." It's really pronounced "Greg."
  2. Tom Hanks
    Every full moon, Tom Hanks turns into the world's most likable werewolf.
  3. Cara Delevingne
    Cara Delevingne is only fluent in Icelandic, and has to memorize all her English lines by sound.
  4. Jeb Bush
    Jeb Bush doesn't like that his phone keeps autocorrecting his name to "Jen Brunch."
  5. The Weeknd
    The Weeknd HATES Mondays. And loves lasagna. And is, in fact, the alter-ego of famous cartoon cat Garfield.