Requested by @Nicholas
I've known them all for years, but there are still a few mysteries. As requested by @Nicholas, part of @john's draft week.
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    Nicholas owns a different tuxedo for every day of the year. Every January first, he burns the previous year's tuxedos in a cleansing ritual
  2. @nbaida
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    Despite not being Catholic, Nikki will one day be elected Pope. Her reign shall be bloody and merciless
  3. @carolinek
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    Caroline once threw a party so fancy, God himself couldn't get an invitation
  4. @cpinho
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    When Chris marries and settles down, he shall have three daughters that he names Tiberius, Octavius, and Caligula
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    Aviv owns a slip n slide made of tequila
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    Katie's roommate isn't a human like she claims, but rather a chubby orange cat that works hard and pays taxes
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    Greg says he's a Hufflepuff, but is a total Gryffindor. We know this because Greg actually attended wizard school, K-12
  8. Gabby is better known by her stage name, Sir Ian McKellan
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    Nick and Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Andy Dalton are kissin' cousins
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    Trevor Morrow is pulling an elaborate, Mrs. Doubtfire-esque con on all of us. He's really a parakeet in people clothes.
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    Danielle wasn't born, but rather created in a lab by combining the DNA of Bill Belichick and Frank from "It's Always Sunny"