1. Duck
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    Quackers here already did a dime for manslaughter. And he's itchin' for some more
  2. Hippo
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    Hunters took his pa. Now he's going to take his revenge
  3. Tapir
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    He thirsts for your blood
  4. Puppy
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    Look in those dark black eyes. They're soulless. And relentless in their search for human flesh
  5. Octopus
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    He's getting into character by devouring Johnny Depp
  6. Raccoon
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    He'll eat your garbage. And your guts
  7. Platypus
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    It's a mammal. It lays eggs. And loves eating dudes
  8. Beluga
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    The only beach balls THIS beluga will frolic with are human heads
  9. Seal
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    OH HOW THE TIDES HAVE TURNED. He wants to wear a people-skin coat
  10. Otter
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    He'll use a rock to bash you head open and eat your knowledge
  11. Giraffe
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    A baby giraffe is the perfect height to eat throats