Baby Animals That, Given the Chance, Would Kill and Eat Your Entire Family

  1. Duck
    Quackers here already did a dime for manslaughter. And he's itchin' for some more
  2. Hippo
    Hunters took his pa. Now he's going to take his revenge
  3. Tapir
    He thirsts for your blood
  4. Puppy
    Look in those dark black eyes. They're soulless. And relentless in their search for human flesh
  5. Octopus
    He's getting into character by devouring Johnny Depp
  6. Raccoon
    He'll eat your garbage. And your guts
  7. Platypus
    It's a mammal. It lays eggs. And loves eating dudes
  8. Beluga
    The only beach balls THIS beluga will frolic with are human heads
  9. Seal
    OH HOW THE TIDES HAVE TURNED. He wants to wear a people-skin coat
  10. Otter
    He'll use a rock to bash you head open and eat your knowledge
  11. Giraffe
    A baby giraffe is the perfect height to eat throats