1. 1954
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    1954 knows how to fuckin' PARTY.
  2. 1995
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    1995 just got his first home PC and is freaking the fuck out.
  3. 1776
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    1776 shares a womb with America. They tried to eat each other, but it didn't take.
  4. 1914
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    1914 was all about big ass ships.
  5. 12
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    12 is sad that Sesame Street doesn't exist yet. What a pussy.
  6. 2004
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    2004 is excited for four more years of Bush.
  7. 1901
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    1902 is so drunk he can't even stand.
  8. 4008, BC
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    4008 will grow up to discover fire and bring it to his tribe.
  9. 1937
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    1937 is not going to have a very nice life.
  10. 2009
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    2009 is a real douchebag.