Inspired by @Nicholas and his most recent list
  1. Backstreet Boys, in the year 2000
    I was in 6th grade. My parents knew they were popular. They bought me tickets for Christmas. Who was I to say no?
  2. At the venue, the Boys come out to thunderous applause
    The Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. We were sitting in a box (my parents went ALL OUT with these tickets). The screams from the legions of girls below were deafening. They performed "Larger Than Life." The place exploded.
  3. A bottle of salad dressing flies onstage
    The Boys are doing their inter-song chatter when a bottle of ranch dressing flies onstage. Nick picks it up, reading the message written on the side
  4. "Nick, I drove here all the way from Ohio so I could toss your salad"
    And just like that, the innocence of an entire room of children was extinguished forever. But man was it funny