There's a reason I gained weight since moving to LA
  1. Kimchi Quesadilla - Kogi
    The single best item in the LA food truck scene. I love it so much there's a 50% chance I'm naming my firstborn "Kimchi Quesadilla Waz." @Papi you made something REALLY special
  2. Lamb Frankie - India Jones Chow Truck
    It's like a gyro meets the spice trade. Fantastic food from an underrated truck
  3. Cheesy Mac Fully Loaded - The Grilled Cheese Truck
    Every comfort food in sand which form. A once a year treat
  4. Baja Ceviche Cone - Border Grill Truck
    Fun fact: this is what I was eating when I accidentally ruined Christmas for Courtney Cox's daughter, but that's a story for another list