Best Kennedy Quotes of All Time

Inspired by @itsmadison
  1. "Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do to rid the planet of terrifying, building-sized millipedes."
    On nationalism.
  2. "Bobby, bring the car around. This country ain't gonna un-fuck itself."
    On his agenda.
  3. "Eich bin ein super duper horny."
    On Soviet relations.
  4. "What do you mean I can't rename it 'Department of Ogling Dames?' I'm the goddamned president!"
    On the Department of the Interior.
  5. "We will meet the moon. We will fight the moon. And, by God, we will conquer the moon!"
    On the space race.
  6. "Hey, Bobby and Teddy, guess what? Dad loves ME the most."
    On brotherhood.
  7. "Whatever you do, Nikita, YOU DON'T TELL JACKIE ABOUT THIS."
    On executive privilege.
  8. "Hey, I'm the 35th President of these United States. Wanna do some hand stuff?"
    On his legacy.