Best Source Material for Erotic Fan Fiction

For some steamy September reading
  1. Free Willy
    "Jesse watched as the whale leapt over him, ascending like a waterborne angel towards his freedom. Willy landed with a splash, finally in the open ocean. Home. He turned back towards Jesse, his massive whale face contorting into a smile 'I love you, Jesse." The boy smiled back at his whale friend, 'I love you too, Willy.' Then they kissed."
  2. World War Z
    "Zack was on us in a heartbeat. Our generals? Our best and brightest military minds? They had us dug in, using anti-tank weapons. Cold War thinking. They had us all linked up on this network. You could see the POV of every other guy in your squad. You know what I saw? Zs breaking through, kissing every guy they could get their hands on. Tearing them to pieces with their kisses. They say Yonkers was the end of the beginning. But for all those guys who got kissed? It was the beginning of the end."
  3. The Corrections
    "Gary sat in his chair, nursing his scotch. Of course he had to be here, St. Jude, on Christmas. He felt a chill rush through his hands. A tremble. Like his father's. And then, footsteps. His brother Chip entered the kitchen, half awake. 'Gary, mom says to come upstairs and go to sleep. But first let's take off our shirts and kiss.'"
  4. Jurassic Park
    "Harding looked up towards the skylight - a curved claw piercing the glass. "Malcolm! Get out of the room,' he bellowed, causing the nearly-comatose chaotician to moan. But it was too late. SMASH. The raptor came tumbling into the room in an orgy of metal and glass, landing between Harding and Malcolm. Harding inched his way towards the door, groping for the handle, but it was too late. She was on him in an instant, kissing him with all her might. His scream echoed throughout the compound."
  5. Koyaanisqatsi
    "The Pruitt-Igor housing project fell to earth, reminding us that for all of mankind's inventiveness, everything must return to the dust. Then Phillip Glass kissed the remains."
  6. Nightmare on Elm Street
    That face says it all
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