Best Things Available at the Universal Prop Department Yard Sale

UPDATE: Holy shit, I missed the entire back section. So much good stuff. ORIGINAL: Sure, I got there 6 hours late, but there's some GREAT deals
  1. Bulk Underwear
    Screen worn! Probably cleaned! Avail in small, medium, and extra large
  2. Bras
    Just a big bucket of bras. Test your luck!
  3. Judicial/Choir robes
    For your Antonin Scalia cosplay needs! Or maybe they're choir robes. Who knows
  4. Ventilators without the Ventilator Part
    BYO functionality
  5. Miscellaneous Boots
    Guaranteed to fit someone
  6. Soiled Pants from the Movie "Unbroken"
    Ever wondered what it feels like to be a POW? Now you can find out!
  7. Crowns
    They're meant for wide shots
  8. Fry Baskets
  9. Diner-style Coffee Pitchers
    I'll finally be able to ask my girlfriend "Can I top you off, sugar" AND NOT LOOK CREEPY
  10. Tissue Holders
    Keep your tissue game on lock like a fly grandma
  11. This Framed Photo
  12. Football-Themed Snack Tray
    Celebrate the football season any day of the year!