Requested by @Stooks
Requested by @Stooks
  1. When I was a little kid, there was one thing I loved more than anything else: baths.
  2. And, being a bath aficionado, I had a wide variety of toys to play with.
  3. My favorite was this small, floating Playskool boat.
  4. But the problem was, I was a pre-schooler. Potty training was a relatively new concept to me.
  5. Long story short, I kept crapping in the bath tub, and they kept getting stuck in the boat.
  6. Like, in the main cabin of the boat. No idea how it always wound up in the same place, it just did.
  7. My mother, God bless her, either kept cleaning out the boat or bought dozens of the same toy boat in case I pooped in it again.
  8. I still like baths, but rarely poop in them any more.
  9. A big thanks to my cousin @Stooks for giving me the courage to write about this and share it with the public.