It's an easy road from the Internet to the big screen
  1. Top 10 Fast Food Hacks: The Motion Picture
    Best friends Will and Lyle stumble onto a government conspiracy to limit the number of parties available at In-N-Out Burger. The only way to thwart them? Listacles
  2. Americans Try Polish Food: Origins
    A group of American 20-somethings try Pirogies and Hunter's Stew, then gain superpowers or something. Who gives a shit.
  3. Chronicles of "If Your Best Friend Really Told You What They Think"
    Best friends Violet and Tamra accidentally run over a gypsy and are cursed to only tell each other the truth. #hijinks ensue.
  4. Things Anteaters Do That Would Be Creepy If Your Boyfriend Did Them Begins
    Beth brings home a kooky new boyfriend to meet her parents. But when Michael accidentally eats a fairy, he's cursed to act like an anteater! Watch as he digs up Beth's garden in his insatiable quest to eat all of the ants in the world
  5. Historically Accurate Disney Villains: The Squeakquel
    Watch as culturally-sensitive versions of Jafar and Shere Khan spend two hours screaming "check your privilege" at the audience. Rated G.