Hey, everyone gets hunted for sport some day
  1. George Clooney
    I image he'd be wearing a dashing khaki hunting suit with a matching hunter's mustache. I'd try hiding in a tree, but he'd find me
  2. Arsenio Hall
    Ironically, he'd hunt me with a pack of dogs he called "the dog pound"
  3. Sia
    She wouldn't look at me while she shoots me with a crossbow, but she'd do it beautifully
  4. Jason Alexander
    He'd probably sweat a lot, due to the heat of the island and the stress of hunting another human being
  5. Jim Varney
    He's a ghost now, so there's no escaping him
  6. The Monkey from "Animal Practice"
    Crystal the monkey is adorable! I just couldn't be mad at her while she ate my face
  7. Andy Reid
    I'd turn the tables and hunt HIM. Revenge for making us lose the 2004 Super Bowl