Classic Movies I Haven't Seen Because I'm Scared That Movies Will Come to Life and Eat Me

Inspired by @franksars
  1. Citizen Kane
    The big man is scary and I think he's going to reach out of my television and attack me with sharp teeth.
  2. The Sound Of Music
    That lady looks like she could eat me as a snack and still be hungry for more man flesh. Hard pass.
  3. Duck Soup
    Everyone in that movie looks like they thirst for human blood.
  4. Annie Hall
    Is Annie Hall the small man's last victim? Will he name a movie after me once he chews on my bones?
  5. Gladiator
    The bad man has a sword! I know better than to go anywhere near him!
  6. American Beauty
    I don't want to be swallowed into a belly button. You can't make me!
  7. Tootsie
    The movie is named after a delicious food. It must be a trap! Stay away!
  8. The Graduate
    Look at how that devil man lusts after a leg. He'll come after mine next!
  9. Top Gun
    Did you know that planes like to hunt men for sport? Why would I allow such wickedness into my home?
  10. Home Alone
    That child is right to scream. Those evil men are looking at both of us, thinking only of feeding!