My mom died three years ago. It was sudden, it was in Paris, and it still fucking sucks. However, my mom was, quite literally, the coolest woman alive. In honor of her memory, here's some cool shit she did in her life.
  1. Came in 2nd Place at the San Francisco Hookers' Ball Costume Contest
    She lived in San Francisco in the 70s, and dressed up like a sexy trolley car. Woman had flair.
  2. "Dated" Danny Elfman
    That's pretty sweet.
  3. Was an executive producer at NPR before I came along
  4. Had a bachelors, masters, and 3/4s of a doctorate
    In Radio/Television/Film
  5. Met my dad while working for Ralph Nader
    True story. I wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Ralph Nader
  6. Once met Eddie Izzard, introduced me to him, charmed the pants off of him
    She was super sociable
  7. Wrote a musical every year for her church choir
  8. Was beloved by all
  9. I miss you, mom