My job as a writer's assistant on the USA drama ended last Friday. As I stare into the terrifying, dark abyss of trying to find my next job, I'm looking for cool stuff to do on the cheap to kill time during weekdays. Any and all suggestions appreciated
  1. Santa Monica Bike Path
    My favorite low-cost activity in the city. Much easier when my dad lived on the Westside and I could leave my bike at his place, slightly less convenient now that I have to commute with Nike from Studio City
  2. Grand Central Market
    Amazing food at prices that won't take all your unemployment, plus a great street scene
  3. Residential Open Houses
    True story: last time I was on hiatus for a while, I spent a couple of months going to residential open houses with my mom. Got an amazing idea of the LA housing scene (plus the LA real estate market), while eating snacks and enjoying fancy soda. One of the things I most miss doing with my mom
  4. Golf at LA Public Course
    A cheap (and surprisingly Eco-friendly) way to enjoy a morning or afternoon out at the links
  5. Art Galleries in Culver City
    I love art. I started collecting after producing a high-end version of "Storage Wars" for discovery with a team of art dealers. For my money, the best place to check out exciting new contemporary and street art is at any one of a number of galleries in Culver's Art District. Personal favorites are Fabien Castanier (where I got my first ever print, a Shepard Fairey AP) and Lurie Gallery. Lookin's free!
  6. Griffith observatory
    You can hike the park and get some endorphins and then also there's free stargazing with scientists and telescopes on certain nights!
    Suggested by @laure
  7. LACMA
    It's free for LA residents every weekday after 4!
    Suggested by @laure
  8. Day drinking at the bar.
    Suggested by @dev