1. @nbaida and I are going to Santa Barbara tomorrow
  2. We've never been, and have no idea what to do or eat
  3. Suggest away!
  4. la super-rica taqueria
    Suggested by @mollyyeh
  5. Little rainbow foot spa. Best couples massage. Ever. @Nicholas will back me up on this.
    Suggested by @Caroline
  6. Santa Barbara zoo.
    Great low key picnic spot.
    Suggested by @clubsilencio01
  7. Chumash Painted Cave
    http://bit.ly/1HvmDi0 A good car expedition
    Suggested by @helytimes
  8. The Biltmore
    The beach is almost always empty, the brunch is one of the best anywhere. Around the corner from Lucky's and not far from Sakana, 2 of my favorite places to eat in the area.
    Suggested by @clubsilencio01
  9. Sunstone Winery
    If you have a good chunk of a day open, the drive up to Los Olivos and wine country is a great one. Sunstone is a beautiful, relaxed place to have yet another picnic and try some fantastic wine.
    Suggested by @clubsilencio01