1. A "Doofus" of Manatees
  2. A "Rat Bastard" of Ferrets
  3. A "Howard Stern's Penis" of Goldfish
  4. A "Sock Hop" of Rabbits
  5. A "Holy Shit! I Think I Just Hit Someone! Christ, Calm Down Jared. I'll Drive The Body To Ventura And Let The Pacific Take Care Of It. Ah, Shit, I Forgot My Son's Birthday Again. What A Day" of Ponies
  6. A "Glory Hole" of Prairie Dogs
  7. A "Dookie Salad" of Elk
  8. A "Law Degree" Of Owls
  9. A "Privilege" of Albino Guinea Pigs
  10. A "Pants-Shitting Terror" of Milipedes