Because who needs character, jokes, or meaningful dialog from women
  1. Breakers
    Jarrett, Kyle, Topher and Donatello are four best friends trying to make it in the world of hotel management at The Breakers Palm Beach. Will Jarrett book the big bar mitzvah? Will Topher and his girlfriend Simone ever stay together? Will Donatello's wacky scheme to serve drinks to underage kids pay off? They run Palm Beach, baby!
  2. Rustlers
    Carmichael, Duchovny, Todd and Leonardo are four best friends trying to break into the world of competitive sheep rustling. Will Carmichael bag the big sheep? Will Todd and his girlfriend Eunice finally settle down? Will Leonardo succeed in his scheme to sell black-market wool? They run Wyoming, baby!
  3. H.A.M.S
    Jerrod, Cornelius, Bertram and Michelangelo are going hard as a motherfucker into the world of being employees at Honeybaked Hams. Will Jerrord bake the big ham? Will Bertram and his girlfriend Bianca have that kid they keep talking about? Will Leonardo's plan to sell hams out of the back of a truck finally make him rich? They run Toluca Lake, baby!
  4. Boners
    LeBron, Jeremy, Lucas and Raphael are four best friends busting into the world of archaeology. Will LeBron discover the big bone? Will Lucas and his girlfriend Esmerelda stop digging for bones, and start digging into their relationship? Will Raphael succeed in his plan to use fossilized Mosquitos to bring dinosaurs back to life on an island off the coast of Costa Rica? They run North Dakota, baby!