1. "I prefer making love at football matches. That way, when the crowd roars with excitement, I can pretend it's for me."
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    Christopher Lee
  2. "I ate the entire ham, even though it was the last ham on this island. What have I become?"
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  3. "The REAL magic is the love of a child for his father."
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    Genghis Kahn
  4. "Sometimes, I like to walk into lakes and pretend I'm a salmon. It brings me peace."
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    Albert Einstein
  5. "Damn it, Carl, I said NO GODDAMN TOMATO"
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    Ralph Ellison
  6. "Who wants to fuck?"
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    Marie Antoinette
  7. "The great thing about war is you get to kill as many people as you want, consequence free. It's rad."
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    Sun Tzu
  8. "Bring me pizza or bring me death. Oh, you only have death? Shit."
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    The Noid
  9. "Woof."
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    Laila the Cosmo-Dog