Famous Last Words

  1. "I prefer making love at football matches. That way, when the crowd roars with excitement, I can pretend it's for me."
    Christopher Lee
  2. "I ate the entire ham, even though it was the last ham on this island. What have I become?"
  3. "The REAL magic is the love of a child for his father."
    Genghis Kahn
  4. "Sometimes, I like to walk into lakes and pretend I'm a salmon. It brings me peace."
    Albert Einstein
  5. "Damn it, Carl, I said NO GODDAMN TOMATO"
    Ralph Ellison
  6. "Who wants to fuck?"
    Marie Antoinette
  7. "The great thing about war is you get to kill as many people as you want, consequence free. It's rad."
    Sun Tzu
  8. "Bring me pizza or bring me death. Oh, you only have death? Shit."
    The Noid
  9. "Woof."
    Laila the Cosmo-Dog