Favorite Bernie Sanders Quotes

Inspired by @BrandonBoyd
  1. "Those Wall Street fat cats want one thing and one thing only: to get to third base with America. And I'm here to say NO MORE."
  2. "Universal healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Getting to shoot giraffes is both a right AND a privilege."
  3. "So I says 'Pumpernickle? I barely know her nickle.' And that is why I am no longer welcome at the Outback Steakhouse."
  4. "I'll help you pay your student loans if you promise to help my cousin Marv move to his new place in Flatbush next weekend."
  5. "You can stick it to those movie theater fat cats by making your own caramel corn using only Jiffy Pop, Milk Duds, and a lighter."
  6. "Read my lips: I desire appletinis."
  7. "My nephew Aaron is the captain of his soccer team. I'm very proud of you, Aaron."
  8. "Donald Trump's supporters can eat my socialist asshole. Don't worry, there's enough to go around."