Favorite Buzzfeed Articles

@BuzzFeed you guys are my muse. Keep reaching straight for the middle.
  1. Adele Slayed Everyone With Her Grammy Performance And Now We're Dead And She Faces Fifteen Hundred Counts Of Manslaughter
  2. 19 Times Celebrities Brought Their Families To The Grammys And Their Dad Got Drunk And Took A Swing At Billy Joel
  3. This Is What Mummies Looked Like Seven Years Ago
  4. Fifteen Things Only People Who Have Lost A Family Member To A Tiger Mauling Will Understand
  5. This Lady Trying To Buy A Big Mac Using Canadian Money Is All Of Us In Three Years If We Don't Do Something About It Now
  6. Americans Try Food From Other Countries And Freak Out When They Realize They've Been Eating Marbles The Entire Time
  7. People Are Freaking Out Over The Attractiveness Of Some Dude Nobody Will Remember By Friday
  8. What Does Your Favorite Hogwarts House Say About How You've Failed As A Parent?
  9. How I Found Who I Was Truly Meant To Be By Eating My Body Weight In Cinnabon
  10. 15 Times Google Translate Failed So Hard It Caused An International Incident That We're Still Dealing With To This Day
  11. This Food Test Will Determine If You Are, Or Have Ever Been, A Member Of The Communist Party