Just pay attention to the animals, and ONLY to the animals
  1. Bubbles thinks you should do a better job of hiding your iPod shuffle
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  2. Little Gift wants you to know that your insurance company has a $200 deductible, meaning you'll have to pay for most of the damage out of pocket
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  3. Bandit knows that you regret parking on the street instead of paying $7 for the lot
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  4. Davey is so soft and cuddly, unlike the pool of shattered glass in your driver's seat
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  5. Whiskers thinks that those Ray Bans will get him a lot of money from his fence
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  6. Butterscotch is happy you're paying attention to him and not investigating loud smashing noises outside
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  7. Cuddles will be a shoulder to cry on when you realize your laptop is missing
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  8. Dozer wants to know if your car stereo is aftermarket and, if so, where did you put the faceplate
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  9. Clip-Clop knows that my cousin needs the money more than you do
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  10. Jeremy doesn't think calling the cops is a good idea. They'll probably just ignore petty larceny
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  11. Diggs knows better than to leave his purse sitting out in the open where anyone could see it
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  12. The Snuggle Squad are just happy that you're here with them. Enjoy the feeling while you can
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