The struggle is real. Make it easier with this handy list
  1. Joan's on Third
    Sure, it's pricy, but the network is paying for those lunches. I would suggest the Turkey Meatloaf and the Brussels Sprouts
  2. Take a Bao
    They changed the menu recently, but it's still pretty fantastic. Stick with the Baos, or change it up with a rice bowl
  3. Simplethings
    Two words: mini pies. Also, a fantastic selection of sandwiches and salads
  4. Spitz
    Donner kebab, Euro style. Not at all healthy, but fuckin' delicious. Do the Street cart Donner
  5. Sweetsalt
    Bougie and delicious. Do the Brussels Sprouts and Kale tacos or the Shrimp Po' Boy
  6. Granville
    It's a chain, but it's damn fine comfort food. Try the veggie pizza or the Uptown Mac and Cheese
  7. Il Tramezzino
    Fantastic pressed sandwiches. Avoid the pasta
  8. Artisan Cheese Gallery
    Everything. Eat everything
  9. Barrel and Ashes
    BBQ by the French Laundry guys. Get the Frito Pie, Hoe Cake and Pulled Pork
  10. Ramen Jinya
    Suggested by @danny