After deciding to go with an awesome, female-driven, Paul Feig directed version of Ghostbusters, Sony decided to ALSO do an all male version. Sony, here's a few more pitches
  1. Jurassic Park
    Dream cast: Sylvester Stallone as Ellie Satler, Hulk Hogan as that triceratops that are the poison berries
  2. Terminator
    Dream cast: Mario Batalli as Sarah Connor, Christian Bale as the Rise of the Machines
  3. Fast and Furious
    Dream cast: Marlon Brando's ghost as the green car, Hank Azaria as Vin Diesel
  4. The Expendables
    Dream cast: A room full of cybernetically enhanced orangutans as The Expendables
  5. Fievel: An American Tale
    8 pounds of raw beef as Fievel Mousekewitz, a grenade launcher full of bourbon as Tanya