Gone Too Soon: Tv Shows We Loved and Lost

Inspired by @ladyboss
  1. My House Is LGBTQ (ABC Family)
    No one watched this 2007 show about a house full of LGBTQ people and their landlord, Mr. Tolerant.
  2. Dave and Computer (CBS)
    It might have only lasted three seasons, but Dave and Computer was a classic! Remember that episode when Computer showed up to take his real estate licensing exam wearing a toga? Brilliant!
  3. I Think I Murdered My Family! (ABC)
    Comedian Dave Foley sure got murdered by the critics for THIS beloved cult hit.
  4. Arms Crossed Brigade (FOX)
    It turns out America just wasn't ready to watch the adventures of an elite military unit who liked to cross their arms!
  5. Popsicle Grandma (History)
    This gritty adaptation of the beloved graphic novel didn't even last a full season, but gained critical kudos for Angela Lansbury in her role as "Grandma."
  6. Concerned Foreman (TBS)
    This hard-hitting TBS drama (before they knew funny) starred Mitch Chuckles as renowned building foreman Slab Winslow.
  7. White Boss (NBC)
    A show Bob Greenblatt once called "the most offensive thing to have ever run on network television," this controversial reality series installed a white man as boss of a company just to see what happened. Viewers loved the first season, but weren't willing to give this one-hit-wonder a second.