How To Set Up Apple Pay

Inspired by @gwcoffey
  1. Open the "wallet" icon in your phone!
  2. Click the plus sign to add your card!
  3. Scan your card using the built-in guide!
  4. Realize you have no money in your bank account!
  5. Gather three of your best friends!
  6. Rob a bank!
  7. Realize the security guard is going for his gun!
  8. Run away!
  9. Get chased by the police!
  10. Run out of gas!
  11. Torch the evidence!
  12. Get on an airplane!
  13. Realize your best friend is an undercover FBI agent!
  14. Jump out of the plane!
  15. Land at a Trader Joe's!
  16. Pick up some coconut water!
  17. Bring it to the register!
  18. Place your phone over this symbol on the credit card reader!
  19. Congratulations! You are now set up on Apple Pay!