@dev @bjnovak if you ever wanted to shamelessly monetize this wonderful app...
  1. 10 new followers - $50
    We're a small but impressive community. I'd say each person's attention is worth AT LEAST five dollars
  2. Sepia Filter - $3
    Ever wondered what your lists would look like IN THE OLD WEST? Find out for just three bucks
  3. Top 8 - $5
    Relive the glory days of MySpace by showing off your top eight friends to everyone else on the App
  4. Mystery Box! - $1
    Who knows what it will be! A list request? A fully written, already trending list? @Nicholas jumping out of your phone to give you an open-mouthed kiss? The surprises are endless
  5. "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" Mode - $9.99
    Using your iPhone camera, every blink will add another letter to your list. Finally, hands-free listing!