Dude is the Jonathan Swift of our time
  1. Clowns in congress move chambers to circus tent, because they are clowns
  2. Republican presidential hopefuls now wear bright rainbow wigs, as that is how a clown traditionally adorns itself
  3. Ben Carson honks big red clown nose at Planned Parenthood
  4. John Boehner orange with envy at all the clown politics his congressional friends are engaging in
  5. President Obama admits his ties to pro-Clown lobby
  6. Sarah Palin complains of "Big Government clowns," forgetting that she is also, in fact, a clown
  7. Bernie Sanders enjoying rising numbers amongst milennials, clowns
  8. Kim Davis marries fifth clown husband
  9. Koch brothers buy squirting-flower factory, as to outfit various clowns on their payroll
  10. Scott Walker is a fucking clown!