RL Stine kind of phoned in the later books
  1. Don't Go In Daddy's Search History!
  2. The Frankenstein of Simi Valley
  3. The Lawsuit at Camp Evil
  4. Clowns are Scary, Right?
  5. There's Someone in the Closet!
  6. Evil Eggplants from Ethiopia
  7. The Boy Who Cried Vampire
  8. Smile! You're on Spooky Camera!
  9. Divorce Can Be Murder
  10. The Taxman Commeth
  11. Yo' Mummy So Fat
  12. Everyone You Know Will Die One Day... Of Chickenpox!
  13. The Scary Ghost of Castle Whogivesashit
  14. The Telephone Draculas
  15. It Came From Pennsylvania!
  16. Succubus Sneak Attack!
  17. Time To Die
  18. Bad Cholesterol's Revenge
  19. The Specter of Declining Book Sales
  20. Cigarettes are the Real Killer
  21. Night of the Living Dummy 8: Slappy Takes A Nappy
  22. Here Comes Y2K
  23. Uncle Horrible's Basement Family
  24. How I Got My Calcium Deficiency