Super crowded field this year
  1. Tip Ransom
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    Congressman from Utah. His life story was made into the movie "Ransom" starring Mel Gibson
  2. Bort Hawthorne
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    Rancher from Delaware. Tried to reinstitute slavery, but only in Wilmington
  3. A. Lligator
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    Former governor of Florida. Definitely a human male, and NOT an alligator in a top hat and monocle.
  4. Bethesda Montgomery
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    Senator from Maine. Executive Branch in the streets, Judicial Branch in the sheets
  5. Dig Skipper
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    Alderman from Colorado Springs. An experimental Air Force drone that gained sentience and decided to run for office
  6. Billiam McChrist
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    Judge of Methenberg County, AL. Claims to be a direct descendant of Stonewall Jackson's cousin.
  7. Shoop Penuckle
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    Mayor of Texas. Secessionist, but just because he opposes paying taxes into the EPA.
  8. Dorp Kardashian
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    R-CA. The first Kardashian in Kongress.
  9. A Large Pile of American Flags
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    This pile of Kirkland-brand American flags is anti-Union and pro-imperialism. Fuck yeah!