It's not all Bellagio this and Cosmopolitan that
  1. The 1999
    Remember Oakleys? And "Big Daddy"? Come to the only hotel that's stuck in the year 1999. Drop your Ford Expedition off with the valet who looks like Kenneth Starr and check in with the Jnco-wearing concierge. Free N64 in every room!
  2. Dick's Last Hotel
    All the fun of a "Dick's Last Resort" restaurant in hotel/casino form! Get called a shit-pig by every member of the staff as you gamble at the patented "Crap" table. Free face-spitting upon checkout.
  3. Tiny House Hotel and Casino
    A true adventure for those looking to avoid the typical Vegas experience. This one-bedroom resort has a Michelin star rated restaurant, spa, and casino packed into 240 square feet. As featured in Dwell.
  4. The Akron
    All the excitement of central Ohio, finally on the Vegas strip. Enjoy the Courtyard Marriot- themed rooms as you and your business partner fall asleep to the soothing sounds of freeway traffic and gunshots.
  5. Muammar Gaddafi's Tent of Pleasures
    The all-female staff will check you in as you enjoy Las Vegas' second largest tent (after Circus Circus). Sure, Gaddafi may be dead, but YOU'LL be dead excited to sleep in a pile of rugs, surrounded by lions.