About this point every June, I get incredibly nostalgic for summer camp. The experience and associated emotions are hard to translate in media, but these all do a pretty great job
  1. Bug Juice
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    The reason I love this show? It was my camp. Camp Wazitatah. Seriously. That's where they shot the first season. I went there for 8 weeks, every summer, from age 9 until I was a counselor at 18. I love that place, more than anywhere else in the world. It made me who I am today. The older kids were the ones featured in the series, but I had plenty of adventures with John, Asa and Peanut
  2. "Kamp Krusty" - The Simpsons
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    Sure, The Simpsons depicts camp as a Dickensian nightmare, but spectacularly captures the fear and excitement of being away from home, alone, in the woods. Though I never had to eat imitation gruel, lousy camp food is a universal experience
  3. Heavyweights
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    Camp is made special by those around you. Have a good group of friends? You're going to have a good summer. Right up until they violently take over the camp, the boys of Camp Hope have the same trials and tribulations that I did as a kid
  4. "Camp" by Michael Eisner
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    A touching tribute by the former CEO of Disney about how his entire life owed a debt to his summer adventures as a kid. Read it
  5. Camp Nowhere
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    Yeah, I know. Crazy premise. But this movie NAILS tween romance, with all the awkwardness and fear inherent. Plus, who wouldn't want Christopher Lloyd as their camp director
  6. Goosebumps - "Welcome to Camp Nightmare"
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    Summer camp is, at it's core, scary. You're in an unfamiliar environment, surrounded by endless trees and creatures. This book (and the episode of the TV show) accurately capture what it to to be young, alone, and afraid. Not bad for Goosebumps
  7. Wet Hot American Summer
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    The scene where the counsellors go into town for the afternoon? That was EVERY DAY OFF when we were counsellors. Casual sex, excessive drug use and other mischief in rural Maine. Amazing