Most Controversial Lists in My Drafts Folder 📂

There are some doozies.
  1. Just A Whole Bunch Of Social Security Numbers
  2. Home Addresses of Every Presidential Candidate, As Well As All Known Upcoming Appearances
  3. 23 "Friends" Memes Presented As Evidence At Steven Avery's Murder Trial
  4. Three Secret Words That, When Uttered To @Nicholas , Will Cause His Head To Blow Up Like "Scanners"
  5. Who Wants To Buy Some Knockoff NFL Jerseys From The Back Of My Station Wagon?
  6. The One True God, Ranked
  7. Felonies I Have Committed, Ranked By How Fun They Were
  8. 18 Times Beyoncé Clubbed A Nest Full Of Penguin Babies
  9. Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats, Explained Using Only Charles Manson Quotes
  10. Dick's Dick Pics: The Presidential Penis Library Of Richard Milhous Nixon