Inspired by watching "Tomorrowland"
  1. Marilyn Monroe biopics
  2. Origin stories of superheroes
  3. YA adaptations where the main character is the "chosen one"
  4. Horror movies where, twist, THE KID IS REALLY THE ONE HAUNTED, NOT THE HOUSE
  5. Rom-coms about a big city journalist/architect/wedding planner who just needs to find the right man to justify her existence
  6. Scifi/fantasy adaptations of different sections of Disney theme parks
  7. Indie comedies about well-off white guys who JUST CAN'T GET THEIR SHIT TOGETHER, OK?
  8. Action figure-based action franchises
  9. CGI animated kids movie where all the characters have a dance party to a top 40 hit at the end
  10. Disaster movies where LA/NY get blown up