My Girlfriend Surprised Me by Taking Me to the Jurassic World Premiere

@nbaida is a GOD DAMNED SAINT. Also, @cpinho was there.
  1. Seriously, best day of my life
    @nbaida told me we were going to @gab 's birthday. That was a lie. When she told me where we were really going in the car, I FREAKED OUT
  2. The movie was pretty great, and Colin Trevorrow gave a lovely speech beforehand
    Dude's passionate about the Jurassic franchise, and it shows onscreen
  3. The archway of Hollywood and Highland was decorated like the main gates
    Yeah, I know, cheesy and touristy. But damn if the 5 year old in me wasn't freaking out
  4. The after party was a delight
    Food, drinks, decoration, Legos. This party had everything I loved
  5. Samsung had a massive VR display
    Their riff on Oculus. It was a little laggy, but impressive considering the entire thing is run off a Galaxy Note. A simulated apatosaur walked around you and sniffed you. It was pretty engaging. Also, two yuppie moms almost got in a fistfight over which one of their children would get to use it first
  6. Jimmy Buffett played WITH FREAKIN' CHRIS PRATT
    The second Jimmy Buffett got onstage, I bet @cpinho five bucks that Chris Pratt would be brought up to sing Margaritaville. I was correct
  7. I got to wear my awesome JP Dunks
    Finally, an appropriate social occasion to wear my lovely Jurassic Park sneakers
  8. The best surprise from the greatest girlfriend of all time
    I love you @nbaida , and just wait 'till I surprise you back
  9. @nbaida tried making her own photo booth due to the horrendous excuse for one provided by #mercedesbenz Security was not pleased.
    Suggested by   @DrPinho