From the latest round of pilot notes
  1. "You know what people love most about The Walking Dead? Suburban family drama. Add more of that"
  2. "My favorite part of 28 Days Later? A character walking through a creepy church. Get it? It's supposed to be safe, but it's not. Put it in the script"
  3. "Audiences LOVE watching Andrew Lincoln fight a losing battle with an American accent. Let's hire a British kid to remind people of the mother series"
  4. "The best part of Mr Robot is a junkie character who talks in a cool, slurring pattern of speech. Let's add one of those"
  5. "The main characters should call each other 'babe.' That shows that they're totally in love and NOT insufferable"
  6. "Can the junkie's mother look like she's five years older than her son? We don't want her to play too matronly"
  7. "I worry that audiences won't get that something bad's about to happen. Can we make sure a character explicitly mentions something about chaos and that nature always wins? Incidentally, my favorite movie ever made is The Happening"
  8. "What the hell ethnicity is Cliff Curtis? Fuck it, he's playing Latin-ish"
  9. "Follow up to my earlier note. Make sure the female lead says 'Something bad happened here.' We have to remind the audience that zombies are spooky"