People Who Must Be Rolling in Their Graves

  1. Your Grandfather
    You signed up for an improv class instead of the army? Disappointing
  2. Beethoven
    You call that a sonata? Fucking amature
  3. Iron Chef Morimoto
    Your sushi game is weak. Step that shit up
  4. Your Tenth Grade English Teacher
    Really? You haven't read a book since "Catching Fire?" You disgrace
  5. Dave Thomas
    The man DIED to bring the world square hamburgers. And you're eating circles? Fuck you
  6. Your Childhood Dog
    What, you're playing with your new dog like you don't even remember him? He'll see you in hell
  7. The Dauphin
    A free French Republic? Dick city
  8. Fred Durst
    But that's the way he likes it. Keep on rolling baby