1. Your Grandfather
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    You signed up for an improv class instead of the army? Disappointing
  2. Beethoven
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    You call that a sonata? Fucking amature
  3. Iron Chef Morimoto
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    Your sushi game is weak. Step that shit up
  4. Your Tenth Grade English Teacher
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    Really? You haven't read a book since "Catching Fire?" You disgrace
  5. Dave Thomas
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    The man DIED to bring the world square hamburgers. And you're eating circles? Fuck you
  6. Your Childhood Dog
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    What, you're playing with your new dog like you don't even remember him? He'll see you in hell
  7. The Dauphin
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    A free French Republic? Dick city
  8. Fred Durst
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    But that's the way he likes it. Keep on rolling baby