I will accept all seed money
  1. Microscope
    The world's only live-streaming service for bacteria and viruses. Watch what the kooky Ebola virus gets up to - in real time!
  2. Trmn Shw
    Watch "The Truman Show" on an infinite loop. Forever. It will outlast humanity!
  3. Buttz
    All butts that have ever been or will ever be. Supports Oculus!
  4. Intrudr
    Watch what your neighbor is watching in their phone. No warrant necessary!
  5. Dr0ne
    Live streams of various flying war crimes. Full HD!
  6. Yeah-way!
    See what God looks at all day. Spoiler alert: he's a big fan of basketball!
  7. Muppet Vision 3D!
    The mobile-based version of the popular Disneyland ride. See what Gonzo looks like OUT of his suit!