1. New Haven
    Pepe's, Sally's, Modern... Something about New Haven's run-down exterior makes for some of the most warm, satisfying and delicious pizza on earth
  2. Chicago
    I know, I know. "It's not really pizza. It's a glorified casserole." TS. My list. Also, it's a combination of immigrant spirit with the American live of piling things on top of dough. Nothing more patriotic than that.
  3. New York
    The reason it's number three? Too many options. Quality isn't always there. Sure, Lombardi's is world class, but, aside from nostalgia, can you really argue that Original Famous Ray's is that great? Still, bad pizza in New York is better than great pizza in virtually every other city in the country.
  4. Philadelphia
    It's called a Tomato Pie. It's served lukewarm, with a sprinkle of crushed Romano on top. It's much better than it sounds.
  5. Boston
    Four years of college. Four years of regretful, grease-soaked hands on a Sunday morning. But you know what? It did the trick. Just have a few gallons of beer first.
  6. California
    It's weird. It doesn't seem right. But, under skilled hands at, say, Mozza, it's DELIGHTFULLY weird. Why not. We're all freaks out here anyway. Let our freak flag fly.
  7. Rest of Country