Precedent-Setting Lawsuits I've Been A Part Of

  1. Waz v. Flemings Child-Sized Water Wing Company
    Pool toy manufacturers must now earn that their toys are inedible, no matter how much Smucker's grape jelly an adult male dips them in.
  2. Waz v. Consolidated Dirtbags Pornography Emporium
    All peep shows must now offer refunds if the customer isn't satisfied with the quality of pornography at hand.
  3. The State Of California v. That Dude Who Took Off His Pants At A Dodgers Game, Even Though He Had A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation For It (aka Jack Waz)
    Upheld the statute that taking your pants off mid-field at a MLB game is still punishable by law.
  4. Waz v. Anti-Waz
    Led to the creation of the 28th amendment, stating that a man can not serve jail time due to crimes committed by his evil twin from an alternate universe.
  5. The People v. Waz II: Hell In A Cell
    Cage match results are now legally binding in the state of Colorado.