1. I took a class called "Science"
    I got a D+ after going to a third of the required classes and showing videos of animals having sex for my final project
  2. The last paper I ever wrote in college was a script called "The Muppets Take Hell: A Musical Retelling of Dante's Inferno"
    We read it in class. I did all the voices
  3. While dating a girl, we cheated on each other with women from the same sorority
    They lived across the hall from each other, so we had to make sure to close the blinds to the windows that faced each other in order not to get caught
  4. WERS!!
    Best college radio station in the world.
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz
  5. Blatant disregard for academics
    Devote library space to books and learning area or the hermitically sealed Will and Grace set...
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  6. Jimmys Traveling All-Stars!
    Suggested by @erichutchinson
  7. Sophomore year paper: "Have Mercy! A Semiotic Reading of FULL HOUSE"
    Suggested by @dandylyons
  8. Little Building Dining hall was ON POINT
    Suggested by @erichutchinson
  9. Dennis Leary bragging rights
    Suggested by @erichutchinson
  10. The common was our campus, bro
    Suggested by @erichutchinson
  11. Junior year class: Supernatural TV (Twin Peaks & Lost!)
    Suggested by @dandylyons
  12. PT Anderson went there! (but dropped out) David Cross too! (also dropped out)
    Suggested by @dandylyons