I'm working on this season of Whose Line, and would love to share the experience of such an awesome tv show with everyone on here.
  1. Ryan, Wayne and Colin are back!
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    These dudes are improv geniuses. Honestly. It's amazing to watch them perform.
  2. Aisha Tyler is the host!
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    She's cool as shit, and completely inflatable. Plus, you might get an Archer "noooooooooope" in real life.
  3. The 4th Chairs are amazing!
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    Jeff Davis, Nyima Funk, Greg Proops, Heather Anne Campbell.... The list goes on. You probably took classes from one of them somewhere in LA! Show your former teacher some love!
  4. Laura Hall and Linda Taylor are delightful!
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    It's astounding watching them match the improvisers with music.
  5. You get to see me running around trying to keep my shit together!
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    Best thing to watch all night. Live-to-tape TV can be challenging, but is insanely rewarding. Plus, the after party is pretty great.
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