These are legit. I've had them all quite a few times
  1. Forgot about fantasy football draft, go into depression spiral
    Honestly. It sets my dream-self off to not have a full lineup of players
  2. Being hunted by dinosaurs on Jurassic Park ride at Universal
    Never the actual park, always the log-flume ride at the theme park
  3. Being hunted by Xenomorph from Alien in spaceship
    I guess I'm scared of being eaten?
  4. On a crowded plane that is flying very low over buildings
    I have a legitimate fear of flying. I'm sure that ties in somehow
  5. In high school, no one accepts that I'm 27 and shouldn't be there
  6. I'm in Boston, looking at apartments, apartment always has open back wall
    Maybe I don't feel secure?
  7. In a market where zoo animals are being sold, and they're all in terrible shape
    I actually know exactly where this one comes from. When I used to produce reality TV, we did a bunch of anti-poaching shows. I had to edit the sizzles, and watching that much footage of injured animals FUCKED me up
  8. Mom's back from the dead, I have to explain to her what happened
    Yeah, it's super fucked up.
  9. My car has been stolen (variation: I realize days or weeks later that I forgot to pick it up where I parked it and now it's gone)
    Analysis welcome.
    Suggested by @bjnovak