1. "I don't care if this isn't a Burger King. I order you to bring me a flame grilled Whopper!"
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    June 2015, to Matt Taibbi.
  2. "Sometimes I like to run people off the road, just for the hell of it."
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    March 2010, to Greta Van Susteren.
  3. "Eat a whole bag of shit, Larry."
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    September 2011, to Larry King.
  4. "Did you know birds sometimes swallow stones to aid in their digestion? You should, because you're a giant bird person."
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    February 2013, to Charlie Rose.
  5. "Don Lemon? More like Don LAMEon."
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    August 2015, to Don Lemon.
  6. "That's right. I stole your bike. Fuckin' freshman."
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    November 2014, to Max Read.
  7. "You're kind of a let-down in person."
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    January 2016, to Shane Smith.
  8. "Fart pillows."
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    January 2012, to Ta-Nehisi Coates.